Shag Workshop with Karolina & Ron

On December 1st Karolina and Ron are coming to Maastricht to show us how to do the Collegiate Shag! 🙂

The workshop takes place at the Ipanema Cafe, next to the Bonnefanten museum on December 1st, from 12:00 – 15.15.

We offer two Levels, which can be taken separately or together. Level 1 is for total beginners, Level 2 is building up on Level 1.

The first part (12:00 – 13:30) is designed for total beginners – if you want to know what Shag dancing is all about, this is for you! Karolina and Ron will introduce you to the basic steps and give you some moves to shag dance through a whole song!

The second part (13:45 – 15:15) can be attended right after the first part, at a reduced price. If you already have some experience with Collegiate Shag (attended some tasters, workshops) you can switch to this level right away!
After the workshop we will have our Lindy en Maas social dance event, right at the same location. Then you can practice you newly gained Shag skills and also Lindy hop through the rest of the afternoon!

No partner is required to sign up, and also no experience is required for Level 1.

Timing: December 1st at 12:00 – 15:15
Teacher: Karolina & Ron
Location: Cafe Ipanema
Prices: 17€ one level, 30€ both levels (regular) or 15€ one level, 27€ both levels (student/PhD student)

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