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September 22nd till 24th we welcome you for the second edition of our Maastricht based Swing dance festival – Lindy en Maas!

Come and join us in idyllic Maastricht for a weekend full of dancing!

Special thanks to Swing Step for providing us with wonderful prices 🙂

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What to expect?

  • 3 Parties in some of Maastricht’s nicest locations – Friday & Saturday evening as well as Sunday after classes
  • Live Music from our amazing local bands
  • Lindy Hop & Solo dance Workshops by three teacher combinations
  • A responsible dancer – teacher track
  • An absolute beginner Lindy hop track
  • Afro Swing & traditional Mozambican dance


Roser Ros

Roser Ros is an international swing dance instructor based in Barcelona, Spain. She teaches Lindy Hop, aerials and Solo Jazz in some of the most important Lindy Hop events in Europe, and also teaches regular classes in her home scene, Barcelona.

Outside of Europe, she taught in Taiwan, Japan, Reunion Island and Canada.

Roser started doing gymnastics when she was 3 years old, and later entered the world of circus. She had been learning different types of dance all this time, until in 2011 she discovered Lindy hop, and has been unable to leave ever since.

She has a background in pedagogy, coaching essentials, and education. Before becoming a professional dancer, she was a primary school teacher specialized in physical education.

Roser is a great fast swing dancer. She dances with an energetic and precise style. She’s handy with dips and tricks, and aerials. As a choreographer she has worked for dance groups, music groups, artists, and videos. 

Meet her on Instagram @roserswing and at her online dance school swingdancehome.com

Pedro Vieira 

Pedro discovered Lindy Hop and Authentic Jazz in 2012. His enthusiasm for the dance was so strong that, one year later, he started to teach. His passion led him to try new styles and become a regular teacher of Lindy Hop, Authentic Jazz, Collegiate Shag, Balboa, and Boogie-Woogie in Porto (Portugal).

Nicholas Brothers, Al Minns, Leon James are some of the dancers that most inspired him in his journey until today.

The dance for him is always about this trinity of connecting to the music, to your partner and to yourself.

As a proud member of the Swing community, Pedro is delighted to have the opportunity to share and spread this part of the African-American culture with everyone!

Vassiliki Papadopoulou

Vassiliki has been involved in classical dance from an early age for 7 years and has experimented with various dance genres such as Contemporary and Latin.

In 2013 she first came in contact with Lindy Hop and Authentic Jazz, which enchanted her with their energy and creativity. Since then she has been dancing regularly, having attended seminars in Greece and abroad with great teachers from all over the world.

Her Jazz dances exude fun, energy, freedom, are a way of expression for her, a source of inspiration! She is currently located in her hometown, Athens, where she is teaching Lindy Hop & Authentic Jazz as a member of Rhythm Hoppers’ team.

Alexandros Velentzas

Alexandros came into contact from a very young age with the sounds of Rock ‘n’ Roll and Swing music. At 16 he discovered that his favourite music can be expressed through movement and that’s how dance entered his life. Initially he started with Rock ‘n’ Roll lessons, but shortly afterwards he was introduced to and immediately became addicted to Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz. He attended many classes and seminars in Greece and abroad, from leading teachers of the genre.

His dancing talent, his love for Jazz dances, but also his intensive involvement, inevitably led him soon to teaching. Alexander has been teaching Lindy Hop and Authentic Jazz since 2016, not only locally but also internationally. Since 2018, he has been a member of the Rhythm Hoppers dance and teaching team, and recently created “Dukes of Rhythm”, the school’s first male performance troupe, which he coordinates and choreographs.

Alexandros frequently travels abroad to teach, perform choreography and compete in international festivals, stealing the show and receiving numerous awards. He never stops training and developing his dance, trying different genres. He stands out for the rhythmicity and quality of his movement and his energetic dances at social parties, where you will find him dancing till he drops!

Judite Novela from Hodi Maputo

Judite Novela is a dancer at the Hodi Maputo Afro Swing association and a teacher of traditional and contemporary dance and passionate about swing. She wants to convey this joy in dancers, and especially women with her Mozambican swing. 

She has traveled the world teaching Mozambican culture through her enchanting dance. She brings the sensuality and beauty of Mozambican dances to the public and the first step of her beautiful dance which is “o Sorriso” – the smile. Judite has performed in several national and international festivals, including the Folklore Festival in Passo Fundo, Brazil in 2014, the National Culture Festival in Mozambique, and the theaterformen festival in Hannover, Germany. Judite has participated in numerous contemporary dance workshops with renowned choreographers such as Idio Chichava, Horacio Macuacua, Didier Boutiana, and Janete Mulapa, and also attended Lindy Hop workshops with international teachers including Fredrik Dahlberg, Miami Gunnarson, Angela Andrew, and Mike Davison. She has participated in three editions of the Herrang Dance Camp and the See You Swing Festival in Saarbrucken, Germany in 2019. She is currently working on her project entitled “wansat wa n’tamo” – strong woman, to help and encourage women to be real, strong through a smile and dance. 


Eugênio Macuvel from Hodi Maputo
Eugenio is the chief choreographer and artistic director of Hodi Maputo Afro Swing as well as one of its founding members. Since the organisation was founded in 2014 he has trained dancers and created choreographies with up to 50 dancers on stage. His choreographies have been performed by Hodi’s dancers in different parts of the world, e.g. South Africa, Sweden, Germany, China and Brazil.  

Elias and Augusto Manhiça from Hodi Maputo (Gemêos Manhiça / The Manhiça Twins)
The two brothers are among the founding members of Hodi Maputo Afro Swing. They have been singing, playing instruments, composing and dancing since they were children. Augusto is the musical director of the organisation and Elias is the president. They are also the founders of Banda Hodi, a band with rising popularity in Mozambique playing a fusion of modern and traditional music.

Hodi Maputo Afro Swing
Founded 2014, Hodi Maputo Afro Swing is a non-profit cultural association of about 30 professional dancers and musicians who work for the preservation, research and dissemination of Mozambican traditional dance, music and traditional instruments as well as African American Swing Dances. Hodi artists have participated in major international dance

festivals in China, Macau, Sweden, Belgium, South Africa, Brazil and the USA. They have also participated, performed and taught at international Lindy Hop festivals and events, such as Herrang Dance Camp (Sweden), Mother City Hop (South Africa) and Frankie 100 (US).

Every year they host the event Mozambique Afro Swing Exchange where dancers from all over the world come to Mozambique to learn traditional and contemporary Mozambican dances as well as Afro Swing. Their youth programme ‘Hodi Afro Swing Kids’ supports the next generation of professional dancers by teaching them traditional Mozambican dances and Swing.

Julia Conemans and Peter Schubert

We are most delighted to introduce to you Julia Conemans and Peter Schubert! Super excited that this year we will have a total beginners track and Julia & Peter will get you ready to party with us!
After having danced several dance styles, Peter and Julia both discovered swing dancing about a decade ago. They started with Lindy Hop and soon got drawn to Shag, Balboa, Solo Jazz and Blues as well. They love to blend influences from all styles on the social dancefloor. Peter and Julia spend a lot of their free time visiting live jazz concerts and connecting to the musicians through dance. They look forward to bringing this appreciation for the dance, music and culture to new swing dancers!


Sphinx Stompers (Lindy 1)

You should join this track if you are familiar with all basic figures (Lindy circle, swing out, maybe even sugar pushes) and Charleston basics. You can switch between 6 and 8 count figures. Dance for you is a hobby and you would like to challenge yourself more than regular classes. You are eager to improve your technical level, the movements of your body and your musicality skills. If you think this is a description of you, then jump in. We want to add something to your journey of dance! This track includes 6 hours of dance workshops and classes from all our teachers (except Julia & Peter who will focus on our wonderful beginners).

As a rough guideline, you have been dancing regularly and/or taking regular classes for at least 6 months to 1,5 years. 

Hoge Brug Hoppers (Lindy 2)

You go to social dances with a stranger with no doubt. You cannot spend a few weeks without thinking of dancing and always searching where to go. Let’s face it – most of your travels are dance related. You are not afraid to come back and work on your basics, because you know there are still tons to be learnt. So come if you are not afraid to sweat and we will bust our bodies to have a pleasant physical hangover after a weekend.

This track includes 6 hours of dance workshops and classes from all our teachers (except Julia & Peter who will focus on our wonderful beginners).

As a rough guideline, you have been dancing regularly and/or taking regular classes for at least 1,5 years.

Sint Servaas Syncopators (Responsible Dancer Track)

Responsible dancer (teacher) – in this course we will jump into historical roots of swing dances. This class will include theory as well as practice. We strongly recommend it for community leaders and teachers. It is also suitable for eager dancers or people who want to start teaching or take up a more active role in their community. Since it is knowledge based, you don’t need to be an advanced technical dancer to enter it. This track includes 6 hours of workshops and classes from all our teachers (except Julia & Peter who will focus on our wonderful beginners).

Jazzy Jeker (Solo Track: All-in)

For these classes, you should be familiar with the steps of the Shim Sham. This is an open level, so if you have more experience than the Shim Sham, our teachers will definitely find ways to challenge you! This track includes solo classes from the Hodi Maputo dancers (Smile Trio & Judite) as well as classes from some of our vernacular jazz teachers. This track will provide you with 9 hours of dancing workshops!

Basilica Bouncers (Solo Track: excluding HODI)

For these classes, you should be familiar with the steps of the Shim Sham. This is an open level, so if you have more experience than the Shim Sham, our teachers will definitely find ways to challenge you! This track does NOT include solo classes from the Hodi Maputo dancers (Smile Trio & Judite) and consists of 6 hours of dance workshops.

Helpoort HODI’s (HODI only Solo Track)

Experience the traditional Mozambican dance and Afro Swing. Lindy Hop and other Swing dances are deeply rooted in African traditional rhythms and dances, some of which are hundreds of years old. This level is open, you are even welcome if you have no prior dance experience. Prepare to sweat, smile and let loose! This track offers 3 hours of dance workshops.

Wyck Waves (Lindy Hop Beginner)

You have never danced Lindy Hop before and you’re ready to check it out? This track is for you! In 4,5 hours over the weekend, Julia & Peter will introduce you to the basics of the dance and share some background on the roots of the dance with you. In no time, you’ll be throwing down at our Saturday party!


All schedules are preliminary and subject to change.

Friday schedule
17:30City tour (if enough people are interested)
20:00Doors open party location – LBB
21:00Start live music – Mosam Dixie Dukes
00:00End live music (approx.)
02:00End party
Friday schedule
Saturday workshop schedule
Judite & SMILE TrioVassiliki & AlexRoser & PedroJulia & Peter
LocationFanfare Sint ServatiusLandbouwbelang (LBB)Dansschool RealityBernaard’s
10:30-12:00Sint Servaas SyncopatorsSphinx StompersJazzy Jeker & Basilica Bouncers*
12:00-13:00Lunch breakLunch breakLunch breakLunch break
13:00-14:30Hoge Brug HoppersJazzy Jeker & Basilica BouncersSint Servaas Syncopators(start 13:15) Wyck Waves
15:00-16:30Jazzy Jeker & Helpoort HodisHoge Brug HoppersSphinx Stompers(end 16:45) Wyck Waves
Saturday workshop schedule

Class marked with *: This class is NOT happening at Dansschool Reality but at Achter de Barrakken 11.

Saturday night schedule
20:00Doors open party location – LBB
20:30Start live music – Gumbo Jazzband
23:15Performances, Volunteer Raffle, Social Dancer Appreciation
23:45More live music – Shaky Lets Swing Orchestra
03:00End party
Saturday night schedule
Sunday workshop schedule
Judite & SMILE TrioVassiliki & AlexRoser & PedroJulia & Peter
LocationFanfare Sint ServatiusLandbouwbelang (LBB)Dansschool RealityBernaard’s
10:30-12:00Jazzy Jeker & Helpoort HodisSphinx StompersHoge Brug Hoppers
12:00-13:00Lunch breakLunch breakLunch breakLunch break
13:00-14:30Sphinx StompersSint Servaas SyncopatorsJazzy Jeker & Basilica BouncersWyck Waves
15:00-16:30Hoge Brug HoppersJazzy Jeker & Basilica BouncersSint Servaas Syncopators
Sunday workshop schedule
Sunday After(noon) party

We will have a cozy party after the workshops at De Brandweerkantine Centrale – a former fire station. Doors open at 15:00, and we’ll kick off with DJ Hot Soup.

Live music will be provided from the Shaky Legs Swing Orchestra from 17:00 onwards until approx. 19:00.

You can eat yummy food at the Kantine (same building, best to reserve for dinner) – perfect to drop by after workshops and share some last dances 🙂


Register here

Early Bird prices until August 14th

Sphinx Stompers (Lindy 1) – 6h110 €
Hoge Brug Hoppers (Lindy 2) – 6h110 €
Sint Servaas Syncopators (Responsible Dancer Track) – 6h110 €
Jazzy Jeker (Solo Track: All-in) – 9h160 €
Basilica Bouncers (Solo Track excl. HODI) – 6h110 €
Helpoort HODI’s (Hodi only Solo Track) – 3h50 €
Wyck Waves (Lindy Hop Beginner) – 4.5h80 €
Sint Servaas Syncopators + Helpoort HODI’s – 9h160 €

Regular prices from August 14th

Sphinx Stompers (Lindy 1) – 6h125 €
Hoge Brug Hoppers (Lindy 2) – 6h125 €
Sint Servaas Syncopators (Responsible Dancer Track) – 6h125 €
Jazzy Jeker (Solo Track: All-in) – 9h175 €
Basilica Bouncers (Solo Track excl. HODI) – 6h125 €
Helpoort HODI’s (Hodi only Solo Track) – 3h65 €
Wyck Waves (Lindy Hop Beginner) – 4.5h95 €
Sint Servaas Syncopators + Helpoort HODI’s – 9h175 €

Register here


Here are all locations for workshops and Parties:

Friday & Saturday party

Landbouwbelang (LBB)
Biesenwal 3,
6211 AD Maastricht

Entrance in the back! – we will share a video on Facebook & Instagram on how to get there.
Google Maps link

Sunday party

De Brandweerkantine
Capucijnenstraat 21,
6211 RN Maastricht

Google Maps link

Workshop locations

Judite & SMILE Trio

Fanfarezaal Sint Servatius
Sint Theresiaplein 18,
6213 CG Maastricht

Google Maps link

Vassiliki & Alex

Landbouwbelang (LBB)
Maasmolendijk 24,
6211 AH Maastricht

Entrance at the front!
Google Maps link

Roser & Pedro

Saturday morning (Jazzy Jeker & Basilica Bouncers) are in a different location:
Achter de Barakken 11,
6211 RZ Maastricht
Google Maps link

All other classes with Roser & Pedro (from Saturday 13:00) are here:

Dansschool Reality
Sint Nicolaasstraat 38B,
6221 BP Maastricht

Google Maps link

Julia & Peter (all Beginner’s classes)

Bernaards Dans-Partycentrum
Brusselsestraat 97,
6211 PD Maastricht

Google Maps link


We’re so happy to again have our finest local swing jazz bands for you!

Mosam Dixie Dukes

We can’t wait to kick off our festival with the tunes of the Mosam Dixie Dukes! The Maastricht ensemble has been playing together for a while, and they are a fixed part of Maastricht’s vibrant jazz scene. Find their Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/393410527663780/

Gumbo Jazzband

The Gumbo’s have been playing for dancers in Maastricht since swing arrived here, so there is no Lindy en Maas without the Gumbo Jazzband! The Gumbos are a fixed part in Maastricht’s jazz scene, playing monthly concerts at the Cafe de Pieter. For more gigs & information, check out their website here: http://www.gumbojazzband.nl/

You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram to always stay up to date:



Shaky Legs Swing Orchestra

You loved them last year, and they are back to shake your bones! The Shaky Legs Orchestra will play again for you on our Saturday party! Follow them on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theshakylegsss/